Snappy Snaps Bromley


Safeguard precious memories by scanning them to digital

If you have old slides and negatives of family events and other memorable occasions stored in drawers and old shoe boxes, visit a Snappy Snaps store and let us help you store such precious memories in a safe and secure way through photo scanning.At Snappy Snaps, your colour or black and white negatives, slides and photos can be scanned as digital images onto CDs and DVDs which gives you many options on ways to relive such memories.


Photo scanning allows you to share such memories with friends and loved ones through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. They can also be printed into vibrant prints and turned into gifts, enlargements and photo art that can be displayed around the home.

Snappy Snaps have nearly 30 years' experience in photo printing so we make sure your scanned prints, slides and negatives come out with the best results by putting your images through stringent quality control tests.

We always aim to scan at the highest possible resolution, so you can enlarge your photos into posters, canvases and collages without resolution problems. We also offer a bulk photo scanning service which is perfect for turning hundreds of old photos and slides lying in forgotten shoeboxes into digital copies.

Memories are meant to be shared with loved ones so preserve precious images of your family history by turning them digital so you can pass them on to future generations.